Status and hierachies

prehistoric britains sites and artefacts found there

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Sites related to status and hierachies

Bronze age round barrows

Date: 2,500 - 700 BC

Explanation : one person was buried in the barrow surrounded by grave goods, which shows a belief in the afterlife. It is indicative of status as during the neolithic long barrows where used to bury the dead cummunally, where as Bronze age round barrows are used for just one person. Denoting that they were important to the community.

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Sites related to status and hierachies cont.

Amsbury Archer

Date: Bronze age 2,500 - 700BC

Explanation: Buried with high status good, such as, jet knife, bracer and gold jewllery, beaker.

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Sites related to status and hierachies cont.

Henge monuments

Date : Northen european pre-history

Explanation : Indicative of hierachies, as people have ti organise it, design it, oversee work and make people work.

Sites: Averbury henge , Stonehenge , Wood henge



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