Hadrians Wall!

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Before the Wall

  • Armies of the roman empire first set foot on the main land of Britain in 55BC led by Julius Ceasar.
  • Claudius then launched a full blown invasion in 43AD
  • Northern england was occupied by the Brigantes tribe at the time
  • Early in the Conquest they were allies of the romans under their queen Cartimandua but her consort led a revoltagainst the romans in AD57
  • Brigantia was invaded by Governor Petillius Agricola in AD70 who then started bulding forts in the area
  • The next push was from Governor Agricola AD 77-83
  • He built many forts in the low lands of scotland and south west england
  • Other forts were planned in highlands of scotland E.g Inchtuthil
  • However the Dacian frontier became troublesome in 80AD and the roman army was gradually withdrawn
  • By 90AD the forts to the north of Forth-Clyde were abandoned.
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Trajan (98-117AD)

  • Emperor Trajan was busy occupying Dacia and he appeared to have no interest in Britain.
  • Therefore the line was retreated further to the Tyne-Solway order or on the Stanegate.
  • Under Trajan,The five forts along the road were strengthened and intermediate forts were added.  
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Hadrian (117-138AD)

  • Trouble was brewing in britain
  • Hadrian visited britain in 122AD and he directed an extensive wall, known to posterity as Hadrians wall, to be built close to the line of the frontier.
  • Construction of the wall started in AD122
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