Warfare in the Iron age

sites of warfare in the iron age

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Hill forts

Hill forts

Date: 750 BC - 43 AD

Explanation: Simple defence structures. In late Iron age they became more elaborate with ditches and ramparts around the entrances.

Sites: South Cadbury , Danebury , Hod hill , Hambledon hill , Windmill hill.

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Maiden castle

Maiden castle

Date : 47AD

Explanation : Mortimer Wheeler found 38 injured bodies in a mass grave in the fort, the bodies had arrows in them and roman artilary - evidence of warfare.

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Battersea / The Thames - London

Date: Bronze age, Found during the 20th Century.

Explanation: Helemet and shield, made from bronze and contain elaborate art work. Possible votive offerings, suggesting that warfare was considered sacred.  The Helemet and shield were in the La Tene style of art work. They were of high value and a representation of items of war.

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Witham shield

Witham shield

Date : Bronze age, Found in the 19th Century in Lincolnshire.

Explanation: It is thought to be a sacred deposit as it is also in the La Tene Style.

The La Tene style comes from Switzeland, it was first seen around 500 BC

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