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Graphic libraries
Graphic libraries are essentially a collection of images or symbols that are
accessible through an application.
Specialist applications make use of graphic libraries.
This allows the user to simply drag and drop images and symbols into their
Visio 2010-example
Microsoft produce an application called Visio.
Visio allows people to make different kinds of diagrams using graphic
Symbols can be dragged into the workspace.
Kitchen design
Kitchen design applications will have graphic libraries that have standard
images and symbols for cupboards, draws, appliances, power sockets, doors,
windows and table tops.
Cartography (map drawing)
like with the kitchen design application, map makers can drag and drop
symbols into a workspace.
The symbols are often standardised with Ordnance Survey and the Land
Network design
Network designers can use industry-standard symbols to create network
diagrams. However, as technology is changing rapidly, symbols are often
becoming out dated.
Pros Cons
Industry standard symbols are May be difficult to keep up to date due
available to advances in technology, products,
Because the symbols are standardised, New components may not be available
diagrams can be sent around the world immediately
and understood
Sometimes symbols may be missing or

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