GCSE RE: Revision notes: Marriage and the family UNIT 3 TOPIC 3

Here is a revision guide I made for R.E covering UNIT 3, topic 3: Marriage and the family

Includes key words and bible quotes

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Unit 3 ­ Marriage and Family Revision
Channing attitudes to marriage, divorce and family life
Divorce is now more acceptable and no stigma is attached
· People are able to get a divorce more easily ­ laws
· Only a minority of marriages take place in church/Many have sex before
· Far more cohabiting families /Re constituted families are more common
and single parent families
The bible teaches that sex outside of marriage is wrong. Sex is an act of love
and commitment and should only happen in marriage.
"Pre marital sex should be allowed in the R.C church in 2013"
More common and not seen as wrong It is an act of love
People want to explore the sexuality Commitment
Free choice and views Many consequences
People already having pre ­ marital sex STDs which can be dangerous
Have the intention of marrying Pregnancy
4 Reasons that Catholics get married
1. It is a sacrament ­ God is brought into the relationship
2. It is permanent ­ Catholics promised to not get divorced
3. Catholics promise not to have sex with anybody else
4. Catholics promise to procreate
Christian attitude to divorce
The Roman Catholic church Some protestant churches
In all circumstances wrong Divorce and re ­ marriage are permited
Promises are made with God and should Christianity is based on forgiveness. If two
always be kept people have made a mistake, why shouldn't
they be forgiven?
A legal divorce can be granted but they are If a couple are arguing are miserable, this is not
still married in the eyes of God showing God's love
The sacrament can never be broken Divorce may be the lesser of 2 evils
Divorce is not allowed so neither is re ­ Jesus allowed divorce in the case of adultery
marriage (Matt 19.9)

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I don't think the R.C church is view is correct when domestic violence and abuse are
concerned as the church is penalising the person when the end of the marriage is not their
fault. How can they stay and live in a violent and un happy marriage. Is this really showing
God's love?"
R.…read more

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More effective Upsets body hormones
Christian attitudes to contraception
Roman Catholic and Conservative The Church of England and liberal
Evangelicals Christians
Every sexual act should be open to the Does not regard contraception as against
possibility of contraception God's plan
They are against contraception because Children have a better standard of living is family
when you are married, you are open to pro size is reduced
­ creation
not natural Bible does not say contraception is wrong
Artificial contraception is wrong.…read more


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