GCSE RE: Revision notes: Marriage and the family UNIT 3 TOPIC 3

Here is a revision guide I made for R.E covering UNIT 3, topic 3: Marriage and the family

Includes key words and bible quotes

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Unit 3 ­ Marriage and Family Revision
Channing attitudes to marriage, divorce and family life

Divorce is now more acceptable and no stigma is attached
· People are able to get a divorce more easily ­ laws
· Only a minority of marriages take place in church/Many have sex before…

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"I don't think the R.C church is view is correct when domestic violence and abuse are
concerned as the church is penalising the person when the end of the marriage is not their
fault. How can they stay and live in a violent and un happy marriage. Is this really…

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More effective Upsets body hormones

Christian attitudes to contraception
Roman Catholic and Conservative The Church of England and liberal
Evangelicals Christians
Every sexual act should be open to the Does not regard contraception as against
possibility of contraception God's plan
They are against contraception because Children have a better standard…


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