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Physical Education [and] School Sport [and] Club Links

[Made In 2003] Its immediate aim was to get 75% of 5-16 year olds on 4 hours of sport a week by 2006, and 85% by 2008.

There were Eight Strands:

1.) Specialist Sports Colleges - currently 402 of these

2.) School Sport Partnerships

3.) Proffesional Development

4.) Step into Sport

5.) School/Club Links

6.) Gifted and Talented

7.) Swimming

8.) P.E and Sport Investigation

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Physical Education [and] Sport Strategy [for] Young People

The Ten Strands of PESSYP:

1. Club Links - Developing high quality links between schools and community clubs to help young people to take part in sport outside of school hours.

2. Coaching - The implementation of a specific targeted coaching program that places employed coaches into school settings and helps develop skills in young people in specific sports.

3. Competiiton - The national implementation of a competiiton managers across all SSPs has helped to develop both intra and inter school competition and as a consequence increased the number of children taking part in competitive sports.

4. Continuing Profesisonal Development - Providing the opportunity for teachers and other professionals to gain valuable experience by attending training courses and developing accordingly.

5. Disability - Increasing provision to sport for people with disabilities by providing local clubs and sports development within school and community settings, increasing the inclusive nature of the community.

6. Gifted & Talented - Developing talented athletes and providing them with the necessary support and development that they require to become potential stars of the future.

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PESSYP (Continued)

7. Infrastructure - Improving the infrastructure of schools and the SSP to help widen opportunities that young people have to sport. In turn this helps to ensure that the five hour offer is met by working with key partners including the local authority. 

8. Leadership & Volunteering - Step into Sport, a programme to increase the quantity, quality and diversity of young people engaged in volunteering and leadership, with subsequent benefits to schools, clubs, the community and the young people themselves.

9. Sport Unlimited - A new work strand that aims to provide funding opportunities for young people to acces sport in an after school setting. The funding targets the semi-sporty type and aims to engage them in new sports. 

10. Swimming - Increasing the percentage of young people who have the ability to swim and placing this sport onto the curriculum. Swimming does not only hold health benefits but is also beneficial as a life skill. The strand can also be linked to the free swim initiative.

Other aims:

5 Hours of sport offered in school - 2 as part of the curriculum, 3 extra-curricular.

It was a follow-up from PESSCL. 

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