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Where did Gamelan music come from?
Javanese Gamelan
Balinese Gamelan
Gamelan puppet shows
Gamelan instruments
Gamelan Facts
Bibliography…read more

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Gamelan music originated in Indonesia, from the
islands of Bali and Java. Bali and Java are only small
islands but are now well known for the gamelan music.…read more

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Java is much bigger than Bali but they are both equally
important. They are two completely different islands
so they have completely different music but they are
the same style as each other.
Gamelan music was supposedly created (in Javanese
mythology) by Shivam Malhotra in 230AD from a
palace on the mountains (known as the maendra
mountains) - he was the God that ruled Java. He
needed to summon the other Gods so he invented the
Gong to send out messages.…read more

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In Java they also have professional puppeteers to do
puppet shows.
Balinese gamelan is more about its dance and its
drama more than it's playing of the instruments.…read more

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Bali it is mostly percussion instruments and there are
more metallophones than there are gongs. Balinese
gamelan music normally repeats over and over until
the leading drummer gives a signal to stop playing.
In Bali as well as Java they have puppeteers doing
puppet shows.…read more

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A normal sized Gamelan puppet is usually around
about 70 ­ 80cm tall. They use buffalo skin for the
body because it is tough and firm and they use other
materials for the smaller parts. Using the puppets in
the puppet show isn't just about making a good show
but it is about feelings and emotions.
The people that make the puppets put a lot of time
and effort into making the puppets so they turn out
really realistic with lots of detail.…read more

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The Javanese gamelan has two
Pairs of bonang instruments.
The gongs are very important
to the gamelan.
The kenong, like the gongs,
are punctuating instruments.…read more

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When the gamelan music players play their
instruments they believe that there is a spirit in
each instruments and if they stepped over them
then they would offend the spirit.
They would also offend the spirit if they wore
shoes when playing so they have to play the
instrument bare footed.
In gamelan music they do not play the notes C, D,
E, F, G, A and B.…read more

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Google images
www.music-research-inst.…read more


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