Features of all the different styles in all the different areas of study.

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AoS 2: Voice and Accompaniment - Lieder


-Romantic Period (1820-1900)

-German words

-Words tell a story

-Normally bass voice

-Music often illustrates lyrics

-Can be through composed (different music for each verse) or strophic (same music for each verse)

-Piano + Voice

-Composers: Brahms, Schumann, Schubert.

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Voice and Accompaniment - Pop Ballad

Pop ballad

-Tell stories

-Accompaniment complements voice


-Often slow tempo

-Middle 8

-Composers: Elton John, Frank Sinatra.

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Soloist + Orchestra - Concerto

-Concerto = Soloist + Orchestra; Concerto Grosso = Soloists + Orchestra

Baroque (1600-1750)

-Soloist play demanding, improvised solos to show off their instrument/skills

-Composers: Bach, Vivaldi

Classical (1750-1820)

-Include a cadenza (soloist plays by themselves, and orchestra remains silent) which often ends on a trill

-Composers: Mozart, Haydn

Romantic (1820-1900)

-Cadenzas written out for soloist to play

-Composers: Brahms, Beethoven

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Soloist + Band - Jazz and Blues


-Has roots in Africa and developed in America

-Instruments: Brass, Piano, Drums etc.



-Lots of solos

-Chromatic notes/harmonies

-Swung rhythms

-12 Bar Blues : I I I I IV IV I I V IV I I

-Composers: Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington

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Ensembles - Indian Classical Music

Indian Classical Music

-Based on ragas (scales based on times of day, seasons and moods)

-Instruments: Sitar (guitar-like) --> Melody

Tabla (drum) --> Tal

Tambura (stringed instrument) --> Drone

-Learnt by oral tradition

-Improvised melodies

-Four sections: Ala, Jhor, Jhala, Gat/Bandish

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Ensembles - Gamelan


-From Java and Bali in Indoneseia

-Different scales (slendro - 5 notes; pelog - 7 notes)

-Main tune = Balungen, often played by metallaphone while other instruments decorate the main tune.

-Gongs and drums help keep the rhythm and the ensemble together

-Played at celebrations

-Heterophonic texture (main melody + variants of it)

-Oral tradition

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Ensembles - Chamber Music

Chamber Music


-Terraced Dynamics Diminuendo/Crescendo

-Ornaments Less ornamented


-Basso continuo Alberti Bass

-Polyphonic Homophonic

-Chamber music originally for playing at home, but now in concert halls.

-e.g Sonata --> Keyboard +Soloist

-e.g. Quartet/Quintet (string quartet = 2 violins, cello and viola)

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Vocal Ensembles - The Great Choral Classics



-Not acted




Mass (requiem = Mass for the dead)


-In Latin

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Vocal Ensembles - African A Capella

African A Capella

-Only voices

-Call and response

-Variety of textures/voices


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