Ovid Picks a Favourite at the Races Translation

This is the full translation of Ovid Picks a Favourite at the Races that my Latin teacher told me, I know that it is a little different to the translation that 'Katie' gives in her podcast, as hers seem to be a more easily understood english version of the poem, however, they both have the same meaning, but the words are in slightly different orders etc., I think that this version may help with the structure of the poem and the sentence structure, which is often important in the longer questions, I hope this helps! Please tell me if anything is wrong in the comments and feel free to rate! This is the first resource I have uploaded so hope it is ok!

P.S I know the line breaks seem a little odd, but the teacher told us it this way to help us understand where the latin actually is within the poem, I recommend that you listen to the podcast as well though, to make it easier…


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