All GCSE Latin Prepositions

Here is a list of all the GCSE Latin prepositions needed for your OCR exam! I've also included some miscellaneous words which are important too but there aren't many so I just put them in with the preposition list.

Hope it helps!

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Latin prepositions and miscellaneous words
Words in italics are followed by the ablative.
Words in regular font are followed by the accusative.
Those in red are not adverbs and aren't followed by the ablative or the accusative.
A, ab from, away from,by
Ad to, towards, at
Alli...alli some...others
Ante before, in front of
Apud among, with, at the house of
Circum around
Cum with
De from, down from, about both...and
E, ex from, out of, out
In in, on
In into, onto
Inter among, between
Per through, along
Poenas do pay the penalty, am punished
Post after, behind
Pro in front of, for, in return for
Prope near
Propter on account of, because
Quam (+supl.) possible
Re- back
Sine without
Sub (+ acc./abl.) under, beneath

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terry krigas

Very good cumulative resource on Latin prepositions.

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