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Epitaph to Claudia

This is a tomb inscription from Rome. It dates from 135-120 BC. It is a typical inscription of a
husband who is praising his wife's qualities.
The informal tone perhaps suggests that it may be more authentic than some inscriptions.
The epitaph gives details of her:

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Catullus Poem 5

It is believed by many that Lesbia was a real woman named Clodia. She was the wife of
Marcus Caelius Rufus. Hence we can understand the rumours of old men in L.2, and some enemies
may wish to punish them, ie the `evil eye.

L.1 `vivamus, amemus'…

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Catullus Poem 70

In this poem, Catullus appears unsure about whether the girl loves him.

L.1 `nulli' emphatic-her confidence
L.1 `mulier mea nubere malle' alliteration of nasal consonants - sign of
powerful emotion
L.2 `Iuppiter' King of the Roman Gods; Ironic; he was famous
for affairs with mortal women

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L. 7-8 `saxo....unda' ­ rhetorical question and use of chiasmus (symmetry of the line)
L.10- `Penelope' ­ Famed for her fidelity because she waited ten years for her husband to return
11 from Troy
L.10- `Pergama' ­ The citadel of Try fell after ten years

Marital Equality?

An epigram…


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