GCSE Latin Grammar

Grammar for GCSE latin


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1st declension 2nd 3rd declension 3rd declension 3rd declension 4th declension 5th declension
feminine declension neuter m. and f. neuter
Nom. s. puella servus bellum mercator nomen manus res
Voc. s. puella serve bellum mercator nomen manus res
Acc. s. puellam servum bellum mercatorem nomen manum rem
Gen. s. puellae servi belli mercatoris nominis manus rei
Dat. s. puellae servo bello mercatori nomini manui rei
Abl. s. puella servo bello mercatore nomine manu re
Nom. pl. puellae servi bella mercatores nomina manus res
Voc. pl. puellae servi bella mercatores nomina manus res
Acc. pl. puellas servos bella mercatores nomina manus res
Gen. pl. puellarum servorum bellorum mercatorum nominum manuum rerum
Dat. pl. puellis servis bellis mercatoribus nominibus manibus rebus
Abl. pl. puellis servis bellis mercatoribus nominibus manibus rebus

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I porto sum
you (s) portas es
he/she/it portat est
we portamus sumus
you (pl) portatis estis
they portant sunt
I portaveram fueram
you (s) portaveras fueras
he/she/it portaverat fuerat
we portaveramus fueramus
you (pl) portaveratis fueratis…read more

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I portabam eram
you (s) portabas eras
he/she/it portabat erat
we portabamus eramus
you (pl) portabatis eratis
they portabant erant
I portabo ero
you (s) portabis eris
he/she/it portabit erit
we portabimus erimus
you (pl) portabitis eritis…read more

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I portavi fui
you (s) portavisti fuisti
he/she/it portavit fuit
we portavimus fuimus
you (pl) portavistis fuistis
they portaverunt fuerunt…read more

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I portor
you (s) portaris
he/she/it portatur
we portamur
you (pl) portamini
they portantur
I portabar
you (s) portabaris
he/she/it portabatur
we portabamu
you (pl) portabamin
i…read more

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I portatus
you (s) portatus
he/she/it portatus
we portati
you (pl) portati
they portati erant…read more

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I portatus sum
you (s) portatus es
he/she/it portatus est
we portati sumus
you (pl) portati estis
they portati sunt
I portabor
you (s) portaberis
he/she/it portabitur
we portabimur
you (pl) portabimini…read more

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FUTURE volam nolam feram ibo fiam potero
voles noles feres ibis fies poteris
volet nolet feret ibit fiet poterit
volemus nolemus feremus ibimus fiemus poterimus
voletis noletis feretis ibitis fietis poteritis
volent nolent ferent ibunt fient poterunt
IMPERFECT volebam nolebam ferebam ibam fiebam poteram
volebas nolebas ferebas ibas fiebas poteras
volebat nolebat ferebat ibat fiebat poterat
volebamus nolebamus ferebamus ibamus fiebamus poteramus
volebatis nolebatis ferebatis ibatis fiebatis poteratis
volebant nolebant ferebant ibant fiebant poterant
PERFECT volui nolui tulI ii factus sum potui
voluisti noluisti tulisti…read more

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PLUPERFECT volueram nolueram tuleram ieram factus eram potueram
volueras nolueras tuleras ieras factus eras potueras
voluerat noluerat tulerat ierat factus erat potuerat
volueramus nolueramus tuleramus ieramus factus eramus potueramus
volueratis nolueratis tuleratis ieratis factus eratis potueratis
voluerant noluerant tulerant ierant factus erant potuerant
Present Past Future
porto portans carrying portatus having been carried portaturus about to carry
doceo docens teaching doctus having been taught docturus about to teach
traho trahens dragging tractus having been dragged tracturus about to drag
audio audiens hearing auditus having…read more


terry krigas

Very good guide to Latin Grammar

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