All Latin GCSE Adverbs

Here is a list of all the latin gcse adverbs needed for your OCR exam! These are important to learn as they crop up in the language papers very often!

If there is any that I've missed, feel free to tell me in the comments.

Hope it helps!

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Latin Adverbs
Adeo so much, greatly
Antea before
Bene well
Cras tomorrow
Cur? Why?
Deinde then
Diu for a long time
Ecce! Look!
Etiam even
Forte by chance
Frustra in vain
Heri yesterday
Hic here
Hodie today
Iam now, already
Ibi there
Igitur therefore, and so
Interea meanwhile
Ita in this way, to such an extent
Itaque and so, therefore
Iterum again
Libenter willingly, gladly
Magis more
Magnopere greatly
Maxima very greatly
Minime very little, least, no
Mox soon
Multo much

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Non not
Nonne...? Surely...?
Numquam never
Nunc now
Olim once, some time ago
Postea afterwards
Postridie on the next day
Primo at first
Quam than
Quam? Quam! How...? How...…read more


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