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Case Studies - A Watery World
Walkers Crisps - Leicester
They have reduced water usage by 50%, which has saved 700m litres of water per year. This was done by
installing 30 water meters at production plants to monitor water usage. They recycled water, e.g. from the
starch recovery programme.…

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River Conflict Scheme between 7 U.S. States - Yuma Valley, Arizona & Las Vegas, Nevada
The desert was transformed into farmland because dams were built to store water from the Colorado

River and each country was given a certain amount which they stored in reservoirs.
In Yuma Valley, water is…

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Revision Notes - A Watery World
World Statistics
11% of water used for domestic purposes, 20% is used for industrial and 69% for agricultural.

Region Domestic (%) Agriculture (%) Industry (%)
Africa 8 85 7
Europe 13 33 54
USA 14 41 45

Region Water used daily per person (litres)…


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