Edexcel GCSE Geography - Practice Exam 2/3 Mark Scheme

This GCSE Geography Exam Pack has three carefully designed exams written to the 2009 Specification for Edexcel. This is not an official set, but is great practice towards River Landscapes and a Watery World!


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Edexcel GCSE Geography A
Unit 2: The Natural Environment

Paper 2 Mark Scheme

Question Answer Total
1 Corrosion ­ chemical reaction between certain types of rock
and river water (1)
Corrasion ­ particles carried by river water are thrown
against banks (1) 2
2a Erosion…

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7 Refer to level descriptors for grade bands.
Points to include on River Nene:
· Embankments set back 10m at Upton (1)
· 6m high embankments at Upton in 2007 (1)
· Costs of £8 million (1)
· 2 m high floodwall at Upton built. (1)
· 450m clay…

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3 As a country's economy becomes stronger, the wealth of an
individual increases and so more money is available for
luxuries. (1)
Many new labour devices use more water. (1)
Average dishwasher uses 3,000 litres of water a year. (1)
Change in hygiene means more water use for bathing and…

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Economy: new waterways along Yangtze provide
mass transit of raw materials (1). New railway linking
area provides transport. (1)
· Flood control: control capacity of 22.15 billion metres
cubed (1). Protects 1.5 million hectares of farmland
and properties of 15 million people. (1)
· Power: 84.6 billion kilowatt hours…


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