Edexcel GCSE Geography - Practice Exam 3/3 Mark Scheme

This GCSE Geography Exam Pack has three carefully designed exams written to the 2009 Specification for Edexcel. This is not an official set, but is great practice towards River Landscapes and a Watery World!


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Edexcel GCSE Geography A
Unit 2: The Natural Environment
Paper 3 Mark Scheme
Question Answer Total
1 The Bradshaw Model is a geographical model (1), which describes
how a river's characteristics vary between the upper course and
lower course of a river. (1) 1
2 Choose 2 from: ox-bow lakes, floodplains, levees.
Ox-bow Lakes
Due to continual erosion and deposition, when flooding occurs (1),
river cuts through the neck (1) and forms a new straight channel (1).
Eventually the bend is cut off. (1)
A low flat area of land flooded by a river (1). When the river floods its
surroundings (1) it has less energy, and so deposits its load (1). 4

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Lighter load is deposited first. (1)
The larger and heavier load that is deposited first (1), forms a raised
bank along the river channel. (1)
Diagrams account for one mark each time they are used.…read more

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Building Design
· Moving electric sockets higher. (1)
· Concrete floors so they don't rot. (1)
· Buildings on stilts ­ above ground level. (1)
· Upside down house? Kitchen on the first floor in case of
emergency. (1)
6 Floodplain zoning (1), Afforestation (1), Washlands (1), Warning
Systems (1). [No description required]. 2
7 Refer to level descriptors for grade bands.…read more

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Personal view accounts for just 2 marks with reason. 6
Positives: natural scheme (1), extracts directly from water table (1),
can collect lots of water (1), provides for lots of people (1).
Negatives: Mexico City ­ pavements cracking (1), walls of buildings
buckled (1), water pipes above ground (1), suburbs sinking 45-60cm
a year (1).…read more


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