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River Landscapes
Key terms

Volume > The amount of water in the river
Velocity > The speed of the river
Discharge > amount of water passing a certain point at a certain time. Measured in

Case studies: Cosequences of flooding


Sudan 2007
3,500,000 people at…

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Housing estate become possible because of river management to make the are safe
from flooding.

General Area
In 2003, the flood warning system was updated to give 2 hours notice of when an
area would flood.

A flood retention reservoir has been built to hold flood water.

Foot Meadow…

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Industrial water management in HICs

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Case Study: Walkers crisps, Leicester
Reduced water usage by 50%
Used to use 700,000,000 Litres per year
Installed 30 water metres at production plants > see where most water used
Solutions > Recycling water from starch recovery programme
Re-educated staff on water usage in the sanitation facilities. Water monitored every…

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Built quickly and cheaply, easy to repair
Safer to build than hand dug wells
Hand pumps used to extract water from tube-wells
Boreholes exist where there are harder rocks and the water table is very low
Engine powered drills are needed to cut through the rock
Water pumped by electric/diesel…

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Conflict has been ongoing since the 1940s. in 1974 Iraq put troops on the Syrian
border and threatened to destroy the Al-Thawra dam on the Euphrates
There is a very high risk of war over the water
Since the projects on the Euphrates have not all been finished the tension…


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