GCSE Geography Edexcel unit 2

These are my revision notes from my Geography unit 2 exam on the Watery World and River Landscapes.

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River Landscapes
Key terms
Volume > The amount of water in the river
Velocity > The speed of the river
Discharge > amount of water passing a certain point at a certain time. Measured in
Case studies: Cosequences of flooding
Sudan 2007
3,500,000 people at risk from water-born diseases such as cholera as the river nile flooded
killing 87 and destroying 73,000 homes.
Bolivia 2007
19 people died as the result of the flooding river grande, a tributary of the Amazon. 340,000
people are estimated to have been affected, and about 100,000 were left homeless.
USA 2006
200,000 people evacuated from northeastern pennsylvania. The national weather service
reported 9 fatalities across the eastern USA. Two truckers were also killed on an intertate
near New York.
River Management: The River Nene
In 2002 a 450 meter clay flood embankment was built.
This raised the land by 6.8 meters.
This has created a flood storage area so that in floods water can be stored here and
let out when it's safe to do so.
Upton Square

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Housing estate become possible because of river management to make the are safe
from flooding.
General Area
In 2003, the flood warning system was updated to give 2 hours notice of when an
area would flood.
A flood retention reservoir has been built to hold flood water.
Foot Meadow
4 meter high flood walls were built to protect housing and other industries.…read more

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Industrial water management in HICs…read more

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Case Study: Walkers crisps, Leicester
Reduced water usage by 50%
Used to use 700,000,000 Litres per year
Installed 30 water metres at production plants > see where most water used
Solutions > Recycling water from starch recovery programme
Re-educated staff on water usage in the sanitation facilities. Water monitored every
shift > best performing teams rewarded by company for their contribution towards
Over all water usage fallen due to scheme. In Burnsom > 17.67 to 9.24 litres per kg of
potatoes processed.…read more

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Built quickly and cheaply, easy to repair
Safer to build than hand dug wells
Hand pumps used to extract water from tube-wells
Boreholes exist where there are harder rocks and the water table is very low
Engine powered drills are needed to cut through the rock
Water pumped by electric/diesel engines which are expensive to maintain
Water stored in large tanks on the surface and water is piped to tap-stands in villages
Hand-dug wells (used if water table is high)
1.…read more

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Conflict has been ongoing since the 1940s. in 1974 Iraq put troops on the Syrian
border and threatened to destroy the Al-Thawra dam on the Euphrates
There is a very high risk of war over the water
Since the projects on the Euphrates have not all been finished the tension over this
system is likely to increase.
The Three Gorges Dam, China
The three gorges dam is a HEPS that spans the Yangtze River in Sandouping, Hubei,
China.…read more


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