GCSE Geography - Ecotourism Case Study

This is for unit 2 geography AQA :) notes taken from CGP GCSE Geography AQA A Specification

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Ecotourism Case Study
Tataquara Lodge is an island in the Xingu River in the Brazilian state of Para
It is owned and operated by a cooperative of 6 local tribes of indigenous people
Benefits of the Lodge
Environmental Economic Local People
Built from local Owned by a Creates jobs for local
materials such as straw cooperative of people
and wood that was indigenous tribes Preservation of culture
found on the ground rather than a big and get income from
Uses solar power to foreign company, so traditional songs and
run lights income goes straight dances
Food is served in the to local economy Profits earned are
lodge is all locally Uses locally produced used to provide decent
produced good, more money healthcare and
goes back into local education for
economy thousands of local


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