GCSE Geography - Tourism

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Theme 10 – Tourism.

1. What are the factors that affect the nature of tourism?

Tourism can take place anywhere that attracts people to visit it.

Factors that affect tourism are:
- natural features – beaches etc.
- sporting events – Olympics, world cup etc.
- wildlife
- culture
- cost
- climate and weather
- activities available
- language
- accessibility
- distance to travel

2. In what ways and why is tourism changing?

Tourism is increasing meaning more people are going on holiday.

Tourism is becoming the fastest growing industry because of:
- cheap flights, paid holiday leave, larger incomes and pensions
-- people can afford to go on holiday due to these things

-increased car ownerships, motorways and aeroplanes
-- make it much easier to travel

- travel magazines, TV and the internet
-- people know more about the destinations

- package holidays, on-line booking and computer reservation systems
-- make it easier to book and plan holidays

- theme parks and activity weekends
--  more things to do

- ecotourism
-- educational and people feel they are doing good

- shorter working week, weekend breaks
-- more time to go away

3. What are the impacts of tourism?

Positive impacts
> social
-- people get a better standard of living
-- different cultures and nationalities meet up
-- people get a better knowledge and understanding about places
-- people can relax and enjoy new and exciting places

> economic
-- creates jobs
-- people earn more money
-- the economy of countries can improve rapidly – especially poor countries like Costa Rica
-- multiplier effect – places will improve with the success and money that tourism brings

> environmental
-- places are protected so tourists will keep coming e.g. rainforests in Costa Rica
-- new services and facilities are provided in a town and locals benefit
-- strict rules prevent animal and plants from being damaged

Negative Impacts
> social
-- conflict between different locals and tourists
-- some people lose out and don’t get any benefits from tourism
-- locals are inconvenienced by traffic jams etc at busy times

> economic
-- prices of houses, food etc rise in tourist areas, locals are unhappy
-- in LEDCs most tourist companies are owned by rich MEDCs, all the profits go back to the MEDCs leaving locals with nothing

> environmental
-- pollution – noise, air and visual
-- environment suffers, the place becomes victim of its own success. Plants and animals are destroyed e.g. the Coral Reef in Costa Rica
-- places look ugly with all the car parks and tourist signs etc
-- honey pot sites suffer most

4. How might tourism be developed in a sustainable way?

Case Study – Brecon Beacons National Park, Wales

The national park has over one million visitors a year with 93% of visitor coming in their own vehicle.




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