GCSE Geography: Eco-tourism

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Tourism that doesn't harm the environment and benefits the local people.
It involves:
o Conservation ­ protecting and managing the environment.
o Stewardship ­ taking responsibility for conserving the environment.
o Small scale activity (limited number of people to keep the impact low)
o Wildlife tours and trekking.
It promotes sustainable development because:
o It improves people quality of life for the future i.e. profits are used to build schools
o It protects the environment and resources for future generations. E.g. uses renewable
sources of energy (solar panels)
Tataquara Lodge
On an island in the Xingu River in the Brazilian state of Para.
Owned and operated by a cooperative of 6 local tribes of indigenous people. The
lodge has 15 rooms and offers activities like fishing, canoeing, wildlife viewing and forest walks.
Surrounding rainforest is home to a rich variety of wildlife, including some endangered species such
as the harpy eagle and the giant river otter.
Lodge is built from local materials such as straw and wood that was found on the ground ­ so
trees weren't cut down and the buildings blend in with the natural environment.
Uses solar power to run lights rather than burning fossil fuels ­ this is better for the
Food served is all local produce this means less fossil fuel is needed to transport the food.
(less food miles)
£ As the lodge is owned by indigenous people, all the income goes straight into the local
economy. There is no profit leakage.
£ Local farmers get more money as the food served at the lodge is all locally sourced.
Lodge creates jobs for locals
Local people are encouraged to visit the lodge to sell crafts and perform traditional songs
and dances ­ this gives them an income and preserves their culture.
Profits earned from the lodge are used to provide decent health care and education for local
tribes. Giving them a better quality of life.

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