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Climatic Hazards

Tropical Storms

Intense low pressure weather systems
Huge storms with strong winds and torrential rain
Develop above sea that's 27^C or higher
Warm, moist air rises and condensation occurs which releases a large amount of energy
which makes the storm really powerful
Moves west because of easterly winds…

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Poor infrastructure = Poor roads = Harder for Aid to reach injured people = More death
Not much money = Can't protect against Earthquake
Health care is worse
Depend on crops

Why people continue to live there:

Friends and family are there
Job in area
Think it will not happen…

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Farmers become unemployed
Psychological problems
Dried out vegetation can easily ignite (Wildfire)
Dust storms


Reduces vegetation in an area
Soil erosion caused by drought is worse
Fewer plants = soil not being held together strongly


More people depend on farming
Less money to prepare for droughts or respond…


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