GCSE Geography: Climatic Hazards

Climatic Hazards:

  • Desertification
  • Tropical storms
  • Impact
  • Characteristics
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Climatic Hazards
Tropical Storms
Intense low pressure weather systems
Huge storms with strong winds and torrential rain
Develop above sea that's 27^C or higher
Warm, moist air rises and condensation occurs which releases a large amount of energy
which makes the storm really powerful
Moves west because of easterly winds near the equator
Lose strength as they move over land as there is no warm water
Characteristics of tropical storms
Spin anticlockwise and move north west
Hundreds of KM wide
Last between 7 and 14 days
Centre of storm (eye) is up to 50km across
In the eye there is low pressure, light winds and no clouds or rain
Eyewall is where there's spiralling rising air, very strong winds, storm clouds and torrential
Impacts of Tropical storms
Buildings and bridges destroyed
Rivers and coastal areas flooded
People drown, are injured or killed by debris
Railways, roads and airports damaged
Electricy cables destroyed
Sewage over flow = Contaminates water supplies
Crops and livestock killed
Beaches are eroded and coastal habitats damaged
People left homeless
Shortage of clean water and sanitation = diseaeses
Aid and emergency vehicles can't get through
Shortage of food
Psychological problems
Poor quality houses means they are easily destroyed

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Poor infrastructure = Poor roads = Harder for Aid to reach injured people = More death
Not much money = Can't protect against Earthquake
Health care is worse
Depend on crops
Why people continue to live there:
Friends and family are there
Job in area
Think it will not happen again
Reduce the impacts of Tropical Storms
Can predict when and where Hurricane will hit which gives people time to evacuate
Emergency services can train and prepare for disasters
New buildings planned to avoid the…read more

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Farmers become unemployed
Psychological problems
Dried out vegetation can easily ignite (Wildfire)
Dust storms
Reduces vegetation in an area
Soil erosion caused by drought is worse
Fewer plants = soil not being held together strongly
More people depend on farming
Less money to prepare for droughts or respond
Reducing the impact of drought
Can be predicted a short time before they happen
Conserve water by reducing the amount they use in their homes
Collect rainwater and use to wash car
Grow drought resistant…read more


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