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l You can enjoy the freedom and excitement of teaching By phone: 01223 553998
qualifications which have been developed to help you
By email: [email protected]
inspire students of all abilities.
l We've built specifications with you in mind, using a By online: http://answers.ocr.org.uk
clear and easy-to-understand format, making them By fax: 01223 552627
straightforward for you to deliver.…read more

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QN 600/6550/3 © OCR 2012 Geography A…read more

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1. Introduction to GCSE Geography A 4
1.1 Overview of GCSE Geography A 4
1.2 Guided learning hours 5
1.3 Aims and learning outcomes 5
1.4 Prior learning 5
2. Content of GCSE Geography A (J382) 6
2.1 Specification Rationale 6
2.2 Unit A731: Contemporary Themes in Geography 6
2.3 Unit A732: Geographical Skills 24
2.4 Unit A733: Local Geographical Investigation 26
3. Assessment of GCSE Geography A 30
3.1 Overview of the assessment in GCSE Geography A 30
3.2Tiers 31
3.…read more

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Other information about GCSE Geography A 51
8.1 Overlap with other qualifications 51
8.2 Progression from this qualification 51
8.3 Avoidance of bias 51
8.4 Regulatory requirements 51
8.5Language 51
8.6 Spiritual, moral, ethical, social, legislative, economic and cultural issues 51
8.7 Sustainable development, Health and Safety considerations and European developments,
consistent with international agreements 52
8.8 Key Skills 52
8.9ICT 53
8.10Citizenship 53
9.…read more

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Introduction to GCSE Geography A
1.…read more

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Guided learning hours
GCSE Geography A requires 120­140 guided learning hours in total.
1.3 Aims and learning outcomes
GCSE specifications in Geography should encourage learners to be inspired, moved and challenged
by following a broad, coherent, satisfying and worthwhile course of study and gain an insight into
related sectors. They should prepare learners to make informed decisions about further learning
opportunities and career choices.…read more

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Content of GCSE Geography A (J382)
2.1 Specification Rationale
The approach of this specification is a conceptual progression building on the detailed understanding
that candidates already have about the world, beginning with their local area. This starting point
leads to an in depth study of wider aspects of Geography, including processes as applied to both
physical and human Geography, at a variety of scales from local to global. The approach taken in
this specification allows candidates to be stretched and challenged.…read more

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Extreme Environments
Candidates should be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the Key Ideas and
Content specified for Hot desert and Mountain environments and apply this knowledge and
understanding to the study of:
· one named Hot desert environment
· one named non-UK Mountain environment.
The Key Ideas and Content must be taught first then applied to the chosen case studies.
In addition candidates will also need to study one recent* earthquake event.…read more

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Extreme Environments
Candidates should be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of all the specified Key Ideas and Content.
Enquiry Questions Key Ideas Content
1. What do we mean by 1.1 Extreme environments have specific · Understanding of various factors that define an extreme
`extreme environments'? characteristics. environment: difficult for people to survive, hazardous,
unstable, remote, harsh climate and landscape.
1.2 People react to extreme environments in · Different ways people have reacted to extreme
different ways. environments over time.…read more


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