GCSE Geography - Ageing Populations

A few notes about ageing populations

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Ageing Populations
Populations are ageing, particularly in MEDC's, because of:
Low birth rates
Better health care (people live longer ­ increasing the number of the elderly
Older generations are generally fitter
However the elderly generation is the most expensive for health care.
More money is needed for health care for the elderly from taxes of people working now to
pay for:
More illnesses as you age
Visit GP more frequently
More hospital appointments
Nursing homes
Day-care centres
Home carers
In MEDC's people want to retire and be given a pension. As people live longer and the
number of working people decreases while the number of elderly increase, taxes will be
increased to cover pensions.
People in their 60s and 70s give a lot of money to the economy through money for:
due to being fairly wealthy and having lots of leisure time. This provides more jobs for
current workers.


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