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AQA Geography Revision

Population Change ­ Unit 2a
Population Growth

The world's population is growing rapidly. Between the years 1500 ­ 2000,
the population has been rising at an exponential rate. There are two things
that affect the population size of the world, or a country.

When the birth rate…

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fall due to improvements in health care and sanitation. Birth rates remain high.

3. Total population is still rising rapidly. The gap between birth and death rates narrows due to the
availability of contraception and fewer children being needed to work - due to the mechanisation of
farming. The natural…

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Growth Management

Countries need to control rapid population growth and they also need to develop in a way that's
sustainable. This means developing in a way that allows people today to get the things that they
need but without stopping people in the future from getting what they need. Here…

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Strategies to cope with an ageing population

1) Encouraging larger families, e.g. in Italy, women are offered cash rewards to have more children.
This increases the number of younger people to support the older ones.

2) Encouraging the immigration of young people from other countries. This increase the working


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