GCSE Edexcel Music - 'Need To Know' LAST MINUTE

GCSE Edexcel Music - 'Need To Know'

Hope this helps, and good luck with the exam today :)

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Year 11 `need to know info' for each set work
You must know this info in order to complete section B, the essay
Handel's Messiah "And the Glory of the Lord"
Baroque ­ 1600-1750
4 main melodic ideas
Soprano (high woman) , Alto (low woman), Tenor (high man) , Bass (low man)
A Major
¾ time
Strings and Harpsichord
Mozart Symphony
Classical ­ 1750 ­ 1820
Symphony ­ 4 movements ­ this piece is the 1st mvt.
Sonata Form ­ Exposition, Development, Recapitulation, Coda.
1st and 2nd subjects in the music ­ 1st will usually come back at the end.
Whole orchestra minus the Piano, Double Bass and Sax.
G minor.
Chopin ­ "Raindrop Prelude"
Romantic ­ 1820 ­ 1900
Dramatic music
Development of the piano
Raindrops created by repeated notes
Db Major
Ternary Form - ABA
Piano prelude

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Schoenberg ­ "Peripetie"
Serialism (after expressionist music)
12 tone scale
ATONAL (no key)
Contrast ­ dynamics, pitch etc
Prime order ­ original scale
Retrograde ­ scale backwards
Inversion - scale upside down
Retrograde inversion - scale upside down and backwards
Verticalisation ­ Making a chord from a scale.…read more

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Sax, Trumpet, Double Bass and Drum kit
Recorded in one take ­ they were very talented
Intro, Head (main section), Improvisation section, Head, Outro (coda)
Jeff Buckley ­ "Grace"
Rock Music
Wide vocal range ­ falsetto
Guitar riffs
Know the structure
E minor
Moby ­ "Why does my heart feel so bad?"
Dance music
Samples ­ Vocal samples x2
Looping, reverb, panning, echo, EQ, distortion
Electronica ­ form of music in the 90's given to Electronic music
Moby's influences: Ambient (strings), Hip-Hop…read more

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Fiddle (violin), Pipes, Whistle, Accordion (hand piano), bouzouki , drums, guitar and keyboard.…read more




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