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EdExcel Music GCSE
June 18th 2010…read more

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· Listed composers are taken from the EdExcel Music
GCSE Specification.
· It is not necessary to learn all composers mentioned,
but the ones in bold should be known.
· It is not necessary to learn the birth/death dates of
composers, but the musical movement which they
accompany (i.e Baroque) should be learnt along with
its dates.
· Not all slides need to be learnt, the ones which do
will be shown with a star…read more

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Baroque (1600 ­ 1750)
You should know about Vivaldi and Purcell, and
it's helpful to know as many composers from
the Baroque, Romantic and Classical eras as
possible, as it is likely to come up in your
Vivaldi…read more

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Classical (1750 ­ 1820)
· Haydn and Mozart
(1732 -1809)
(1756-1791)…read more

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Romantic (1810 ­ 1900)
· Learn composers such as Tchaikovsky,
Schubert and Grieg.
(Impressionist art of the time ­ Monet & Van Gogh)…read more

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Expressionism & Serialism
· Composers from the Second Viennese School:
Schoenberg, Berg and Webern.
· Artists (notably Kandinsky and Munch) created vivid
pictures, distorting colour or shape to express
innermost emotions.
· The break with tonality in the first decade of
twentieth century was with Schoenberg
· Suggested composers -- Schoenberg, Alban Berg
and Anton Webern.
· Total serialism -- Boulez, Milton Babbitt…read more

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