Edexcel GCSE Set works. (All)

This is a document i created about all set works on the Edexcel Syllabus. Hope it helps. Sorry for any spelling Mistakes.

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Handel ­ Composer
Name of Piece And the Glory of the Lord
Tempo ­ Allegro
Time Signature/Rhythm 3/4
Instruments / Timbre ­ Violin, Viola, SATB voices, Basso
Structure ­Recitative , Aria & Chorus
Melody Sequence & Ostinato> Sung by the SATB often doubled by the 1st &
2nd Violins.
Tonality A major (feels happy)
HarmonyPeddle Notes, Double the choir parts
DynamicsNo written dynamics but gradually get louder naturally
Type of PieceOratorio (story from the bible, sung not acted)
TextureHomophonic goes to Imitative
Date1742 (the baroque period)
Electronic Devices N/A
Electronic Processes. N/A
Instrumental Techniques ­ Melisma's, Peddle notes, Diatonic chords, Major and
minor replace modes, One mood or affection throughout.
Notes Plagal Cadence , Imitative
Mozart ­ Composer
Name of Piece 1st Movement from symphony No.40 in G minor
Tempo ­ Molto Allegro
Time Signature/Rhythm 4/4
Instruments / TimbreSmall classic Instruments, 2horns (cos no valves, can't
change key), woodwind and strings. NO trumpets or Timpani (unusual)
Structure ­ Sonata Form : Exposition, Development & Recapitulation
Melody1st Balanced Phrasing. 2nd Chromatic notes and Balanced Phrasing.
Tonality 1st G minor 2nd Bb Major
HarmonyBridge Rising Scales & pedal notes
Dynamics1st start off Quietly, have sudden contrasts. Lots of Crescendos and
Type of Piece Symphony
TextureHomophonic and Imitation is used
Date1788 Classical Period
Electronic DevicesN/A
Electronic Processes.N/a
Instrumental Techniques Imitation, Pedal Notes, Some Chromatic
Notes 2 subjects. 1st subject semitone on first 2 notes
Chopin­ Composer
Name of Piece Raindrops/Prelude
Tempo ­ Sostenuto & Rubato
Time Signature/Rhythm4/4
Instruments / TimbrePiano
Structure Tenary with a coda
MelodyA Right Hand BLeft Hand, A&Coda Smorzando

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Tonality ­ADb Major BC# Minor ­ A&C Db Major
Harmony APeddle notes on Ab & Acciaccatura + Chromatic notes B Inverted
Dominant peddle A&C Peddle note drops out for 3 bars and starts again
Dynamics B ­ Build up with changes in Mood. A&C end at Pianissimo.
Type of PiecePiano Prelude
Texture Generally Homophonic . A melody dominated harmony B Chordal ­
A&C ­ Monophonic & Homophonic
Date1839 Romantic period
Electronic Devices N/A
Electronic Processes.…read more

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Type of Piece Minimalist guitar piece
Texture Polyphonic but near the end the instrumentation starts to thin out.
Electronic DevicesLooping and Multitracking
Electronic Processes.N/a
Instrumental Techniques. Looping and Multi tracking, Sustained Motifs, Ostinati.
Notes Written for Pat Metheny. Live guitar plays a resultant melody.…read more

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Instrumental Techniques ­ Mute on the Trumpet.…read more

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Indian Raga­ Composer
Name of Piece Rag Desh
Tempo ­ Changes. Gatfast
Time Signature/Rhythm ­Jhaptal 10 beats, Tintal 16beats , Keherwa 8beats,
Rupak7beats, Ektal 12beats.
Instruments / TimbreSitar, Tabla, Sarangi, Sarod, Pak hawaj, Cymbals, Bansuri,
Esraj, Tambura, Shrunti Box.
Structure ­1st Alap, Gat, Jhalla. 2nd Alap, Bandish(voice). 3rd Alap, Gat 1 ,Gat 2
Melody 1st & 3rd Gat improvisation
Tonality ­ CDFGBCBbAGFEDC Rag/scale
Harmony N/a
Dynamics N/a
Type of Piece Rag Desh associated with monsoon season or night
Electronic DevicesN/a
Electronic Processes.…read more

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Capercaille­ Composer
Name of Piece Skye Waulking Song
Tempo ­
Time Signature/Rhythm ­12/8.
Instruments / Timbre Fiddle, Uilleann Pipes, Accordion, Bouzouki, and Tin
whistle, Drum kit, Synthesisers, Bass Guitar
Structure ­ 2 sections. Intro, verse1, verse2 ,coda
Melody Sung in Scots Gaelic.
Tonality ­ Pentatonic Scale. G major and diatonic
Harmony G major/ e minor.…read more


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