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Handel ­ Composer
Name of Piece And the Glory of the Lord
Tempo ­ Allegro
Time Signature/Rhythm 3/4
Instruments / Timbre ­ Violin, Viola, SATB voices, Basso
Structure ­Recitative , Aria & Chorus
Melody Sequence & Ostinato> Sung by the SATB often doubled by the 1st &

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Tonality ­ADb Major BC# Minor ­ A&C Db Major
Harmony APeddle notes on Ab & Acciaccatura + Chromatic notes B Inverted
Dominant peddle A&C Peddle note drops out for 3 bars and starts again
Dynamics B ­ Build up with changes in Mood. A&C end at Pianissimo.
Type of PiecePiano…

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Type of Piece Minimalist guitar piece
Texture Polyphonic but near the end the instrumentation starts to thin out.
Electronic DevicesLooping and Multitracking
Electronic Processes.N/a
Instrumental Techniques. Looping and Multi tracking, Sustained Motifs, Ostinati.
Notes Written for Pat Metheny. Live guitar plays a resultant melody.

Bernstein ­ Composer
Name of…

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Instrumental Techniques ­ Mute on the Trumpet. Swung Quavers, Syncopation
Notes 12 bar Blues

Moby ­ Composer
Name of Piece Why does my Heart feel so bad
Tempo ­ 98 beats per minute (BPM)
Time Signature/Rhythm 4/4
Instruments / TimbreSamples of a gospel choir, Synthesisers, Drum machine
Sequencer, Maracas, Claves,…

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Indian Raga­ Composer
Name of Piece Rag Desh
Tempo ­ Changes. Gatfast
Time Signature/Rhythm ­Jhaptal 10 beats, Tintal 16beats , Keherwa 8beats,
Rupak7beats, Ektal 12beats.
Instruments / TimbreSitar, Tabla, Sarangi, Sarod, Pak hawaj, Cymbals, Bansuri,
Esraj, Tambura, Shrunti Box.
Structure ­1st Alap, Gat, Jhalla. 2nd Alap, Bandish(voice). 3rd Alap,…

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Capercaille­ Composer
Name of Piece Skye Waulking Song
Tempo ­
Time Signature/Rhythm ­12/8.
Instruments / Timbre Fiddle, Uilleann Pipes, Accordion, Bouzouki, and Tin
whistle, Drum kit, Synthesisers, Bass Guitar
Structure ­ 2 sections. Intro, verse1, verse2 ,coda
Melody Sung in Scots Gaelic.
Tonality ­ Pentatonic Scale. G major and diatonic…


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