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America 1919-1941

Laissez Faire ­ Republican policy to leave the economy `to the market'
Tariffs ­ Custom duties imposed on imported goods
America experienced an economic boom in the 1920's, black Americans, the poor and some farmers
missed out on the boom
Eighteenth Amendment ­ Prohibition, introduced in 1918

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Autumn 1929 ­ loss of confidence panic selling
Black Thursday ­ 13 million shares were sold (24th October 1929)
16 million shares sold 29th October 1929
Great depression followed the wall street crash
1933 was the worst year of the depression, unemployment 14 million and industrial production was
down 40%…

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Civilian Conservation Corps, gave work to young men
Public Works Administration, spend $7 billion on lasting public improvements
Federal Emergency Relief Administration, $500 million on soup kitchens, clothing and schools
National Recovery Administration, jobs via building programmes
Tennessee Valley Authority, built 33 dams providing new jobs and industry
Republican opposition…


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