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What is factory farming?
Intensive farming, e.g. thousands of poultry being reared in a battery
dvantages and Disadvantages of Factory Farming?
Advantages: Less space is needed, cheaper.
Disadvantage: Animals can suffer from claustrophobia, have limited
freedom, preventing natural behaviour of…

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What rights do animals have?
Animal Welfare Acts state laws that it is a criminal offence to neglect
an animal or mistreat it in anyway. This includes whilst being
transported and slaughtered.
et owners are obliged to ensure that
In 2006, it was established that all p
their pet has…

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How are animals used and abused today?
Many people use animals as companions providing them with love and
affection. They tend to be treated well and considered as a family
Some people use animals such as horses and greyhounds for s port.
Some people would argue this is acceptable…

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nimals are led by
The general view of Islam on animal rights as that a
their instincts. Humans lives are more important as they act intelligently
and make decisions with justice and compassion. This means that
humans can use animals to meet their needs but should treat them
with respect.…

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What is the sanctity of life?
ife is sacred as it is created by
The sanctity of life is an indication that l
God. This means that it belongs to God and is only in God's hand if
he were to keep it or take it away. This also refers…

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8. Declaration at Assisi 1986 - This was a conference organised by HRH Prince
Phillip, then President of the World Wildlife Fund, to discuss ways of
protecting the planet and the animals and plants upon it. Leaders from the
five major faiths were present.
9. Dominion - The idea that…

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IR || References from BBC Bitesize ­ Islam & Christianity, Global Issues, Animal. Updated Oct


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