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Religion and Medical Ethics

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Christian attitudes towards abortion
Abortion is the deliberate ending of a pregnancy by
removal and destruction of the foetus.
The problem of abortion arises because of the issue of when life begins:
The two main views is that this is:
1. When the foetus is conceived
2. When the baby is born
In principle all Christians are
against abortion. They believe that · "Life is a gift from God"
life is a gift and that it has sanctity. · "you shall not murder'
It is precious and sacred and · "Everyone has a special
therefore should be preserved. purpose in life"
There are many teachings from the · "Humans are made in
Bible that support this idea. God's image."…read more

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Christian attitudes towards abortion continued
Church of England The Roman Catholic Church
The Church of England does not They have an absolute teaching,
agree with abortion generally but it which says that abortion is wrong
sets out conditions under which except if the mother's life is at risk.
abortion could be allowed. (This is known as the double effect, i.
e. it is accepted that the foetus may
die when saving the mother's life.)
It should be allowed if the
mother's life is at risk They believe that all humans are
If a scan shows that the baby will made in the image of God, so
be born with severe disablities. therefore everyone has the right to be
A woman who is preganat treated the same; so everyone is
because she was raped valued, including a foetus.…read more

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Christian attitudes towards fertility treatment
There are two main Christian views on the use of fertility treatment:
View One View Two
People should be allowed to go If you can't have children then that is God'
through any treatment to conceive. s decision, he has a different plan for you.
It is the most loving thing to do. Some fertility treatments are not
This would also be fulfiling God's acceptable. E.g. is it right to throw away
order for humans, to procreate. the spare embyo's when you have IVF
Most Christians agree that AIH is treatment? Roman Catholics believe that
acceptable but not AID. marriage is a sacrament where two people
are joined by God, it is not right to accept
a donor from a third person. Also
`Hannah had no children....because anonymous donors deny a child the right
the Lord had closed her womb' to know who their biological father is.…read more

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Christian responses to issues raised by Cloning
Cloning is defined as the process of making of copy of any
organism and in which the genotypic and phenotypic
character of the new organism remained exactly same as
that of parental organism is called cloning.
There are 3 types of cloning:
1.DNA cloning: 2.Reproductive cloning: 3.Therapeutic cloning:
e.g. for the large scale The production of a new The use of stem cells from
production of proteins animal from the cell of human embryos to produce
another animal e.g. replacement cells to treat heart
Dolly the sheep 1996 disease, cancer, Alzheimer's and
other serious illnesses. In 2008
New York scientists cured mice
with Parkinson's disease…read more

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Christian responses to issues raised by Cloning
The Church of England The Roman Catholic Church
They suggests that therapeutic cloning
may be considered ethical as it does not They believe that research on cloned
result in the creation of another human human embryos is both immoral and
being. A briefing paper in 2000 argues unnecessary.
that an embryo's ethical status (as a
potential human being) develops as the They believe that the embryo is the
embryo develops, and as use of embryos beginning of a new life and should
is only allowed in the first 14 days, the not be treated as a commodity.
development (and therefore the ethical
status) is very limited.
UK law currently allows therapeutic cloning under license (since Aug
Reproductive cloning has been banned in the UK since 2001…read more

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