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Psychology of Addictive Behaviour
Risk Factors


Everyday Stress ­ People report that they drink, smoke, consume drugs and gamble
in order to be able to cope with `daily hassles' such as money concerns, relationship
problems and workplace stress.
Traumatic Stress ­ People exposed to severe stress such as parental…

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1. Drug Progression ­ Wagner and Anthony (2007) found that cannabis smokers are
more likely to progress to cocaine usage due to being in peer groups where there are
opportunities for new drug experiences.
2. Social Learning Theory ­ Duncan et al (1995) found research that claimed that the…

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o Novelty Seeking ­ Trying to engage in new experiences
o Harm Avoidance ­ Including worrying and being pessimistic
o Reward Dependence ­ The extent to which an individual learn quickly from
rewarding experiences and repeats behaviours that have been rewarded.


1. Evidence for Personality as a Cause ­…


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