History timeline

A timeline for OCR history for the International relations, German depth study and British depth study all on one timeline.

For events in the same year they are listed alphabetically.

Hope it helps!

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History timeline
1834: Poor Law
1886: Charles Booth study begins
1897: NUWSS founded
1900: `Labour' Party
1901: Seebohm Rowntree study begins
1903: WSPU founded
1906: School Meals Act
1907: free medical school checks
1908: `Children's Charter'
1908: Old Age Pensions Act
1909: Labour Exchanges Act
1909: `People's Budget'
1909: Trade Boards Act
1911: National Insurance
1912: London demonstration in March by the Suffragettes
1913: `Cat and Mouse' Act
1913: Derby ­ Emily Davison killed
1914: DORA (Defence of the Realm Act)
1914: First World War in August
1914: Suffragettes call off campaign at start of war
1915: women demand the `Right to Serve'
1916: Military Service Acts introduced conscription
1917: food shortages and rationing began
1918: Germany signed the Armistice
1918: general election ­ Lloyd George
1918: Kaiser Wilhelm abdicates and Germany is declared a republic
1918: Lord Beaverbrook led Ministry of Information
1918: Treaty of Brest-Litovsk (Germany and Russia)
1918: Representation of the People Act

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Wilson issued his `Fourteen Points'
1918: women win the vote
1919: Germany is democratic ­ the Weimar Republic
1919: Hitler joins the DAP (German Workers' Party)
1919: Treaty of Neuilly with Bulgaria
1919: Treaty of St.…read more

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Hindenburg ruled by decree
1931: Manchuria crisis in September
1932: Disarmament Conference
1932: July elections ­ Nazis are the largest party with 230 seats
1932: Lord Lytton report
1932: November elections ­ seats fell to 196
1933: Enabling Law in March
1933: Hitler becomes Chancellor in January
1933: Japan leaves the League
1933: Jews banned from professions and shops boycotted
1933: March elections ­ 288 seats and joined with Centre Party, 81 Communists banned
1933: Reichstag Fire in February
1934: attempted coup by Nazis, Dolfuss…read more

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WW2 in September
1941: attack on the Soviet Union affects Germany ­ losing
1942: `Final Solution' extermination camps
1942: Germany prepares for `total war'
1945: Nuremberg Trials…read more



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