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Ireland Timeline

Year Month Event
1920 Government of Ireland Act partitioned Ireland
1921 May First elections in Northern Ireland
1922 Special Powers Act
1937 South's constitution, laid claim to whole island
1939 World War 2 began
1945 World War 2 ended
194550 Welfare state was introduced
1956 IRA campaign in…

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Chichester Clark succeeded O'Neill who would continue O'Neill's
July Violence broke out in Belfast (violence too form of house burning)
Violence soon spread to Londonderry
August Annual apprentice boy's parade caused further violence Battle of
Bogside began.
Deployment of British Army in Northern Ireland
IRA reemergence
Chichester Clarke travelled…

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July IRA detonated 20 bombs around Belfast killing nine civilians ­
Bloody Friday
IRA bomb exploded in a village in Claudy killing nine civilians
British Government responded with Operation Motorman were the
aimed to reclaim control of paramilitarycontrolled nogo areas. The
mission was a success and encouraged the British Government…


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