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Notes on power point- Additives


They can be natural, identical or artificial.

Additives are synthetic or natural substances which are added to food in small
quantities. They have a number of different functions such as:

Preventing spoilage and prolonging a food's shelf life

Improving food's flavour or appearance


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Anti-caking agents
Thickening agents

Cooking Choices
Why is food cooked?

Food is cooked so that it is made more digestible.
Cooking improves flavour, texture and smell.

What is conduction cooking?

It is when heat is in direct contact with the food.

Different types of conduction cooking are:


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Food Production Systems

The three types of systems:

One-off production- Involves making one particular product for a particular
purpose. E.g. birthday and wedding cakes.
Batch production- repetitive and involves small scale manufacture. E.g.
bread, cakes, biscuits and pastries.
Mass production- large scale production of identical products.


Hygiene is a…

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What information does a packaging have to provide?

Name of product
Description of product
List of ingredients
Storage information
Manufacturers details (name and address)
Expiry/best-before date
Cooking/using instructions
Weight/ volume


A process where the shelf-life of a product is increased by killing the bacteria or
slowing down it's growth.…

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Properties of food

Making successful food products

Too much flour- makes the product dry and bland
Too much sugar- will affect the texture and will stop the raisng of the
Too much fat- affect the the texture and stop it rising


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