GCSE AQA Food Technology - Functions and sources of nutrients

A table to show functions and sources of different nutrients :) Hope it helps :)

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There are 5 main groups of nutrients. They are:
Carbohydrates (sugars and starches)
There are two other non-nutrients that are also needed, they are:
Non-starch polysaccharides (dietary fibre)
Nutrient Function in the body Sources
Carbohydrates Give the body energy Sugar, honey, jam
Potatoes, pasta, rice
Vitamin A Helps the eyes to see in dim light Liver, eggs, butter, soft spreads, yellow and
Healthy skin and tissue orange vegetables
Vitamin B Transfer and release of energy Cereals, meat, fish, dairy products, yeast
Helps formation of red blood cells products, pulses, eggs
Vitamin C Healthy skin Fruit and vegetables
Absorption of iron
Helps the body to heal faster and helps resist
Vitamin D Growth and maintenance of strong bones Eggs, oily fish
Absorption of calcium Made in the body when skin is exposed to
Protein Growth and repair of the body Meat, fish, milk, eggs, lentils, cheese, wheat,
Secondary source of energy soya, nuts, peas and beans
Iron Formation of red blood cells which carry Dark green vegetables, chocolate, meat,
oxygen around the body eggs, wholegrain cereals and dried fruit
Fat Gives the body energy Cheese, butter, meat, oily fish
For protection and insulation of the body
Calcium Keeps bones and teeth strong White bread, dairy foods, green leafy
For healthy muscles and nerves vegetables, canned fish
Water For all body actions Drinking water, fruits, milk
Removes waste products
The information above is good to know, not just for the main questions, but for questions
where you have to design a product as well.


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A quick one-side summary for last-minute revision.


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