Failure to reach a settlement between Charles I and Parliament

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Attempt at Parties Terms and nature of attempt Reasons for failure Evidence for
Settlement Failure
Newcastle Political Religionaccept establishment of Charles' failure to respond Frustrated cots who
Proposition Presbyterians Presbyterians handed him to the
and Charles Militia Parliament cold control English because he
militia didn't respond
Parliament Parliament could limit
the monarchy's control
Royalist Only 58 royalist not to be
Revised Parliament Revised terms One of the terms was to disband The New Model Army
Newcastle (Political Demobilised the New Model Army, the New Model Army was politicised (got
Proposition Presbyterians but have an army based on London Even though Charles accepted itself involved in the
) and Charles training Presbyterian rule for 3 years politics of settlement)
s New Model Army was
antagonised because they didn't
want to implement a ridged
structure for 3 years
Heads of New Model Regular biennial Parliaments Army thought these terms were Charles agreed to 3
Proposals Army and Reform of Parliamentary quite reasonable (still allowed years of Presbyterian
Charles representation bishops) rule if the Scots helped
Parliamentary control of the army Charles thought he could restart him
and navy the wat so he was biding his
Parliamentary appointment of the time Vote of no Address
great officers for 10 years He antagonised the army by
limited religious toleration escaping to the Isle of Wight


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