"British Monarchy: The Crisis of State" - Summary Sheets.

8 Mind maps which summarise the entire course.

1. The Defeat of Charles I 1642 - 46

2. The Failure to Reach Settlement 1646 -49

3. Republican Rule 1649 -53

4. Cromwell's Protectorate 1653 - 60

5. Charles II & The Restoration 1660 - 67

6. The Consolidation of Charles II reign 1667 - 78

7. The Triumph of Charles II 1678 - 85

8. James II & The Glorious Revolution 1685-89

I hope this helps get some of the events and key themes of the course in your mind clearly and acts as a basis of your revision.

Good luck in your exams

Everything produced here is my own work, do not mark as your own.

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Failed to take Ruled without Parliament
advantage of certain
situations. - Failed to
march army to London Military Exploited his position

1643 ­ Solemn League & Covenant. during his reign.
1643 ­ Royalist Victories: Bristol, in 1643
Poor military leader
Lansdown Hill, Adwalton Moore,
Roundway Down. (indesicisive, foreign Policies…

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1647 ­ Heads of Proposals, Putney Army wanted to be paid, and not to be
Debates, Engagement. charged for offences made during the war. Radicalism
1648 ­ Second Civil War: Battle at "their entry to politics had a significant
Preston. Prides Purge. Remonstrance of impact on settlement." Heads of

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Morally corrupt
Denied the
1649 ­ Cromwell leads NMA to Ireland "Pressure Fifth Monarchists concept of sin
1650 ­ Cromwell leads NMA to Scotland Group"-Capp "Anything done

1651 ­ Cromwell defeats Charles Stuart Book of
in the spirit is
& Scots at Worcester. Incorporation of Revelation justifiable "
Scotland into…

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1654 ­ End of Dutch War. First Protectorate
Parliament. Western Design Fifth Monarchists ­ Venner's Rising. Cromwell was
1655 ­ Major-Generals Established. Quakers ­ (huge) Rejected formalism of religion. tolerant towards
1656 ­ Nayler Crisis. Seekers ­ a mentality, those that were 'seeking' Jews, thinking their
1657 ­ Cromwell Offered…

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1660 - Charles II enters London. Lord Chancellor &
1661 ­ Cavalier Parliament Charles II principal
1662 ­ Act of Uniformity Clarendon advisor.
1663 ­ Charles Withdraws Declaration of Indulgence. Used as scape-goat for

1665 ­ Second Anglo-Dutch War, plague. Dutch War, no heir, sale
1666 - Great Fire of…

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1668 ­ Triple Alliance
1670 ­ Secret Treaty of Dover In 1665 royal income
1672 ­ Stop of the Exchequer, Third-Anglo Dutch War. was £820, 000, by
1673 ­ Test Act, Duke of York's becomes public 1666-7 it had fallen to
Catholic. £647, 000.
1674 ­ End of Third Dutch…

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1679 ­ Charles dissolves Cavalier Parliament, Danby resigns, Exclusion
Charles Strengths: influence in the
church & house of lords, financial
Bill receives first reading in first Exclusion Parliament, Exclusion Bill
passes commons but defeated by Lords. independency, his prerogative powers
1681 ­ Second Exclusion Parliament dissolved, further secret funding and…

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1685 ­ Accession of James II, James II first Parliament.
1686 ­ Godden vs. Hales, Commission for Ecclesiastical
1687 ­ Declarations of Indulgence, Parliament
Deemed 'glorious' due to no
dissolved. blood being shed.
James fled to France leaving
1688 - Mary of Modena gives birth to a son, Invasion…


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