"British Monarchy: The Crisis of State" - Summary Sheets.

8 Mind maps which summarise the entire course.

1. The Defeat of Charles I 1642 - 46

2. The Failure to Reach Settlement 1646 -49

3. Republican Rule 1649 -53

4. Cromwell's Protectorate 1653 - 60

5. Charles II & The Restoration 1660 - 67

6. The Consolidation of Charles II reign 1667 - 78

7. The Triumph of Charles II 1678 - 85

8. James II & The Glorious Revolution 1685-89

I hope this helps get some of the events and key themes of the course in your mind clearly and acts as a basis of your revision.

Good luck in your exams

Everything produced here is my own work, do not mark as your own.

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Failed to take Ruled without Parliament
advantage of certain
situations. - Failed to
march army to London Military Exploited his position
1643 ­ Solemn League & Covenant. during his reign.
1643 ­ Royalist Victories: Bristol, in 1643
Poor military leader
Lansdown Hill, Adwalton Moore,
Roundway Down. (indesicisive, foreign Policies
1644 ­ Battle of Marsdon Moore aid, inexperienced Militarily
1644 ­ Creation of NMA, Battle of Naseby generals, catholic defeated, but
interference) still king.
Aimed to play
Charles I policies.
factions against
each other.
Events Position
Defeat of Charles I.
Created New Model Army in 1645.
Navy enabled them to supply their forces.
Prince Rupert Hampered the supply for Royalists.
Exiled Parliament
Instated as Individuals Navy & Army
General along
with Prince Charles
Maurice. Finance London
John Pym
Governed on a local level.
Married to Henrietta Maria
Went into administration Access to resources. (port,
(Catholic) (John Pym) industry, administration,
Leading MP Parliament combined
Classic Stuart King population)
Responsible for executive with representative
Intransigent, stubborn, stupid. Propaganda production
administration. authority and developed Stopped Royalists getting
Referred to as
ruling without king. supplies.
"King Pym." Committee of both

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­ Heads of Proposals, Putney Army wanted to be paid, and not to be
Debates, Engagement. charged for offences made during the war. Radicalism
1648 ­ Second Civil War: Battle at "their entry to politics had a significant
Preston. Prides Purge. Remonstrance of impact on settlement." Heads of
the Army. Proposals.
1649 - Trial & Execution of Charles I,
Parliament control of
Monarchy & House of Lords abolished Politicisation Army, Regular
as England becomes a Republic.
Cromwell leads NMA to Ireland.…read more

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Morally corrupt
Denied the
1649 ­ Cromwell leads NMA to Ireland "Pressure Fifth Monarchists concept of sin
1650 ­ Cromwell leads NMA to Scotland Group"-Capp "Anything done
1651 ­ Cromwell defeats Charles Stuart Book of
in the spirit is
& Scots at Worcester. Incorporation of Revelation justifiable "
Scotland into the commonwealth. Thomas
1652 ­ First Anglo-Dutch War Harrison Radicalism
1653 ­ Cromwell dissolved Rump, (support within Ranters
Nominated Assembly. Protectorate NMA)
established, with Cromwell as "Lord Conservatism of MPs
Protector.…read more

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­ End of Dutch War. First Protectorate
Parliament. Western Design Fifth Monarchists ­ Venner's Rising. Cromwell was
1655 ­ Major-Generals Established. Quakers ­ (huge) Rejected formalism of religion. tolerant towards
1656 ­ Nayler Crisis. Seekers ­ a mentality, those that were 'seeking' Jews, thinking their
1657 ­ Cromwell Offered the Crown belonging and religious truth. conversion would
1658 ­ Cromwell dies. Richard Cromwell bring the millennium.
becomes 'Lord Protector' Toleration
1659 ­ Rump Parliament re-instated.…read more

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Charles II enters London. Lord Chancellor &
1661 ­ Cavalier Parliament Charles II principal
1662 ­ Act of Uniformity Clarendon advisor.
1663 ­ Charles Withdraws Declaration of Indulgence. Used as scape-goat for
1665 ­ Second Anglo-Dutch War, plague. Dutch War, no heir, sale
1666 - Great Fire of London. of Dunkirk & Clarendon
1667 ­ End of Dutch War, fall of Clarendon. Code.
Lambert failed due to
lack of support from
Army. Royal Government
No natural allies, so
failed.…read more

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­ Triple Alliance
1670 ­ Secret Treaty of Dover In 1665 royal income
1672 ­ Stop of the Exchequer, Third-Anglo Dutch War. was £820, 000, by
1673 ­ Test Act, Duke of York's becomes public 1666-7 it had fallen to
Catholic. £647, 000.
1674 ­ End of Third Dutch War Finance Parliament blamed
1656 - Further secret funding from Louis XIV crown mismanagement.…read more

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­ Charles dissolves Cavalier Parliament, Danby resigns, Exclusion
Charles Strengths: influence in the
church & house of lords, financial
Bill receives first reading in first Exclusion Parliament, Exclusion Bill
passes commons but defeated by Lords. independency, his prerogative powers
1681 ­ Second Exclusion Parliament dissolved, further secret funding and the Scotland issue.
Whig weaknesses: there were limits
from Louis XIV, third Exclusion Parliament dissolved after one week.…read more

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­ Accession of James II, James II first Parliament.
1686 ­ Godden vs. Hales, Commission for Ecclesiastical
1687 ­ Declarations of Indulgence, Parliament
Deemed 'glorious' due to no
dissolved. blood being shed.
James fled to France leaving
1688 - Mary of Modena gives birth to a son, Invasion of
William of Orange, James flees to France. William and Mary to rule England
1689 ­ Convention Parliament, Bill of Rights, Coronation The 'Revolution' alongside Parliament.
There were two conditions to his
of Mary & William.…read more


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