Examples of Xenia in the Odyssey

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Book 1
Xenia: When Telemachus sees Athene he rushes over, ashamed that a
stranger should be left waiting at the gates, he then invites her in and gives
her a seat and food. Telemachus is a good host.
Life and Society/Xenia: It is good xenia to only ask a guest questions
once they have been taken care of.
book 3
Life and Society/Xenia: It was customary for a host to give gifts to guests.
Xenia: Menelaus showing xenia.
Xenia: Guests treated well.
In the morning Menelaus asks what brought him to his palace-Xenia
Xenia. The story then moves back to the present and Telemachus is
told that he will be given gifts of horses and a cup.
Xenia: Calypso, on arrival of Hermes, prepares nectar and ambrosia.
Xenia: We are told that she has nursed him back to health and also
offered to make him immortal and ageless.
Xenia: Good Xenia to show concern when a guest is upset
Heroism : Don't challenge your host (BAD XENIA) ­ but challenge anyone
Xenia: Essential to give leaving gifts
Xenia : good to give food and beverages before asking who they are
Xenia : Shows how much of a good host Alcinous is
Xenia : Bad Xenia as food and drink wasn't offered before questioning
­ Cyclopes are lawless
Kleos/Timê ­ Reputation/Honour Importance of Xenia : Bringing home
gifts shows that your trip was successful and people should respect
you for what you have brought
Xenia : As soon as Circe found out that they were back, she brought
them food and drinks
Xenia: Exchanging of gifts even in a made up story.
Xenia: Odysseus and his men are warmly welcomed, expected values
followed even in a made up story.

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Xenia: Odysseus talks about giving himself presents, a cloak, a tunic, a
purple mantle and a bronze sword.
Xenia: Penelope looking after her guest well.
Xenia: Wedding gifts clearly important, shown by Penelope basing her
marriage decisions on the best gift.
Xenia: The fact Telemachus wants to get rid of Penelope.
Xenia: Penelope being nice offering Odysseus a bed.
Xenia: Asking how the guest slept.
Xenia/Anti-heroism: Bad guests (suitors).
The suitors say Telemachus should just sell the beggar in Sicily.…read more


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