Greek Words

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Kleos - renown, glory and reputation earned through conducting yourself according to heroic values eg. bravery, acceptance of death on the battle field and the accumulation of material goods - think about how much Odysseus returned with. If he had not returned with his treasure, he would have been humiliated because he would have no proof of his kleos that was sung of over the previous 20 years. However, kloes can only be earned through deeds that have been witnessed by others. Therefore it was essential that Odysseus had faced all the monsters that he did with his men to witness his bravery and cunning, but his kloes is made greater by the fact that he achieved it without the help of Athene. Achelles' death is a good example of fame won in battle as the gave him eternal fame (think about how we use the phrase Achilles heel). Odysseus gained great Kleos as a result of his heroic deeds from Troy, his journey back to Ithaca and his slaughter of the Suitors - 'he'd come to an ignominious end, finghting alone against so many' as said by a Suitor in Book 2 (despite ths Odysseus still killed them and won back his palalce and wife). This is seen in the stories and songs sung by Phemius and Demodocus, the bards in Ithaca and Phaeacia respectively.  

Oikos - this is a household that encompasses everything - family members, slaves ect. Everthing that lives inside Odysseus' oikos in Ithaca belongs to him. The Suitors abuse the…


Light Theory


Sorry, this is for mental notes as your fantastic notes are my main revision thing for words, but I have an extra thing too.


return or home-coming; modern word -- nostalgia


of many turns; acumen and cleverness; "man skilled in all ways contending"


glory or fame; imperishable glory


in the middle of the subject


opening lines of a long poem; introduces main theme


drug offered to Menelaos and Telemakhos by Helen to ease their sorrow


wisdom, skill, cunning, craftiness, acumen; Odysseus' most common epithet -- polumetis --...


guest - host relationship; hospitality; obligation to show gracious manners


guest, host, friend, stranger, foreigner [guest friends]


visit to the Underworld


nobody; the name that Odysseus gives to Polyphemos when the Kyklopes asks for the name of the...


one of the 9 daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne; Calliope is the muse of epic poetry [learn names...