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The stuff you should know for the Christianity section of the exam.

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Religious Studies
Good & Evil, Revelation and Science
Good and evil
Good and evil
Concepts of good and evil
God and the Devil (Satan)
The Fall, original sin and redemption
The problem of evil
Concepts of natural and moral evil
Approaches to why there is evil and suffering in the world
Responses to the problem
Coping with suffering
Understanding ways of coping with suffering
Sources and reasons for moral behaviour
The Bible
Faith in Christ
Religion, reason and revelation
Form and nature of revelation
Concept of revelation
Revelation through mystical and religious experience
Revelation of God through the world
Revelation of God in the person of Jesus
Authority and importance of sacred texts
Authority of the Bible and reasons for it
Significance and importance of the Bible
Origins of the world and life
Scientific theories about the origins of the world and humanity
Teachings about the origins of the world and humanity
The relationship between scientific and religious understandings of the origins of the world and humanity
People and animals
The place of humanity in relation to animals
Attitudes to animals and their treatment
Environmental issues
Responses to environmental issues
Concept of stewardship
Religious teachings relating to environmental issues


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