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Religion: Environmental and Medical Issues
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Religion and Environmental Issues
You will need to understand the effects of, and give reasons for your
opinion about:
Global Warming ­ It's causes and possible solutions.
Forms of pollution and…

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ary ­
al and
Global Global Warming is Summary
Warming disrupting wildlife and the Global warming means that the atmosphere of the Earth is
environment on every getting warmer this could mean that some towns and cities
continent, according to an near the sea…

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Key Words
Global Warming: the increase in temperature of the
Earth's atmosphere (thought to be caused by the
greenhouse effect)

Forms of Setting to cycle a 1mile Summary
pollution stretch of a quiet country Pollution takes several forms. Acid rain is caused by high level
and their road to attempt…

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The People have been worrying Summary
scarcity of about the depletion of Resources are a problem because those which cannot be
natural natural resources since grown again (nonrenewable resources) such as oil,
resources antiquity. In 1865, the natural gas and metals will disappear. This will lead to
distinguished economist major…

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The Daily Reckoning UK
Edition, 05/07/07

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Christian Use of the mineral, Summary
teachings on vegetable, and animal Christians believe that God made humans to look
Stewardship resources of the universe after the world as his stewards ­ to have authority
cannot be divorced from over plants and animals. However, the bible also says
moral imperatives that…

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Hindu The waters are the body Summary:
teachings on of breath and the moon Hindus believe they have a duty to show stewardship
Stewardship up there is its luminous towards the Earth. The avatars of the gods as
appearance. SO, the animals mean that Hindus should respect and look

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Nature and In the UK, one in seven Summary:
Importance of couples who are trying Infertility is when a couple cannot have a baby. There
medical for a baby experience are now several medical treatments that can help
treatments for delays in conceiving. infertile couples to have babies such as…

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One other religion on the importance of
raising a family
Also the biological argument of continuing the
Argument against:
Christian teachings against the use of some
infertility treatments and the expense

Different Techniques that involve Summary
attitudes to the disassociation of Some Christians, mainly Catholics, do not allow…

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Different The one who rules over Summary
attitudes to both knowledge and Many Hindus allow IVF, AIH, AID and egg donation
infertility ignorance... alone because needs to have family.
treatments presides over womb after Some Hindus do not allow AID, egg donation of
among Hindus womb, and thus over all…


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