Religious Studies, Unit 3, Drug abuse

Hey guys :) I'm doing the Religious studies exam on 21st May 2013. I'm going to be typing some notes in order to help myself and you guys revise :) I was supposed to do the exam last year in year 10 but I was ill :/ So I'm retaking this year, fingers crossed!

Types of drugs

Illegal drugs- Includes drugs such as cannabis, ecstasy and heroin.

Prescribed drugs- Includes sedatives and morphine.

Legal social drugs- These include caffeine, tobacco and alcohol.

Classification of drugs

Class A- These are the most harmful and addictive drugs. There are severe penalties for dealing and possession. They are HARD DRUGS.

Class B- Although these drugs aren't as bad a class A, they are still very harmful and dangerous. The penalties for dealing and possession are still severe.

Class C- These drugs are not as severe as the others, but they can still be harmful. However, this is something you need to know. The penalty for dealing is severe but possession is not as bad. They are SOFT DRUGS.

Christian views on drugs

Illegal drugs- 'The human mind and body are priceless gifts from God'. This means that they should be respected and should not be harmed by severe drinking and the taking of drugs. 'The body is to be respected as


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