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Medical Ethics


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Sanctity of life
This is the idea that life is sacred or special. is an idea that many people would agree with. It is also partly
supported by the law in the country. For example it is illegal to take the life of another human being, either
deliberately or accidentally.…

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Some Christians are against abortion because:
1. There are teachings in the Bible on life being special.. This means that abortion is wrong because it is not
making life special and it is breaking one of the 10 Commandments not to kill ("Do not commit murder"
Exodus 20:13).
2. The…

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The leader of the Roman Catholic Church in England at that time was Basil Hume. He wrote a letter to the
Independent newspaper that said destroying the embryos shows how immoral (bad) people have become. However
the Roman Catholic campaign failed and on the 2nd August 1996 33 clinics began…

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Non-Voluntary This does not involve any actions. It simply refers to the removing all treatment that
euthanasia allows the patient to die.
Direct euthanasia This involves the ill persons death occurring as a side effect of treatment, such as the
use of too high a quantity of morphine to kill…

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However some Christians support euthanasia because:
1. Some of those who are incurably ill should be allowed to (or helped to) die if they are only being kept alive by
lots of medical treatment.
2. A person who has an incurable or upsetting illness should be allowed to die in…


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