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Enzymes B2.3
Detailed Notes…read more

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Made of long chains of
amino acids
The shape depends on its function. Proteins can be:
· Catalyst
· Antibodies
· Tissues e.g. muscle
· Hormones
C…read more

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Enzymes + Catalysts
Chemical reactions in cells controlled by proteins called enzymes
· Enzymes are large proteins, with shape vital for function,
place where molecules fit ­ ACTIVE SITE
· SUBSTRATE - material/ chemical on which an enzyme acts
· The substrate in a reaction held in active site
+ either connected to another molecule or broken down…read more

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Types of reaction controlled
by enzymes
· Builds large molecules from small molecules
· Changes one molecule to another
· Breaks down large molecules into smaller molecules…read more

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Factors affecting enzymes?
· Reaction faster when warmer
· At higher temps molecules move around more quickly so collide
more often (in given time) + with more energy.
· Too hot ­ enzymes stop working as active site changes shape ­
enzyme denatured
· Particular pH some best in alkaline, neutral or acid conditions
· If too pH wrong for enzyme, active site changes shape ­ enzyme
denatured…read more

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Enzymes in Digestion
1. Digestive enzymes are made by glands in the digestive
2. Digestive enzymes work outside body cells
3. Digestion ­ breakdown of large, insoluble molecules
into smaller soluble molecules
4. Specific enzymes digest particular food types…read more

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A very useful PowerPoint on enzymes and respiration-  a topic that is found in most GCSE Biology specifications. This PowerPoint has revision tips and memory aids included as note on some slides which are very helpful , as well as some questions and answers.



this PowerPoint is very useful on enzymes and respiration - a topic which is found in most GCSE specification. 



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