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For AQA biology2…read more

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Enzymes are catalysts produced by living things. Living things
need enzymes to do all their living processes.
The enzymes control these processes.
The problem is that a high temperature is needed for most
reactions, but in a living organism, a temperature could become
greater than a certain value otherwise the cells would die. This is
where enzymes come in handy.
The enzymes give all the right conditions for the process to
occur without changing the internal conditions too much.
Enzymes only speed up useful chemical reactions.…read more

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These enzymes have special shapes so that they can
catalyze only certain type of reaction. Mostly,
enzymes are only suited for one type of chemical
These chemical reactions are usually to break a bond
or to make a bond
Enzymes have special shapes that allow them to only
catalyse a certain reaction which makes them really
picky and most of the time they only work on certain
reactions.…read more

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In most cases, the enzymes need the right
temperatures and the right pH.
If the temperatures are too high, the enzyme may
become denatured because the temperature destroys
the unique shape of the enzyme.
The pH also affects the enzyme. If the pH is too high or
too low it intefers with the bond holding the enzyme
together so this also denatures the enzyme.…read more

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Many chemical reactions take place in cells with
enzymes, these include respiration.
Respiration involves releasing energy from glucose,
not just breathing in and out. It happens in every cell
of the body and in plants too.…read more

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This type of respiration need oxygen.
There is a different type called anaerobic respiration
which happens when there is little oxygen and gives
only short bursts of energy.
Glucose + oxygen CO2 +water+energy…read more

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