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ELIZABETH I 1558 - 1588
Was religious foreign conflict unavoidable?
Elizabeth was cautious in foreign policy. She avoided a religious war as it would split the English
and was concerned with the sheer power held by Spain

Spain declared war after the execution of the Catholic Mary of…

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neither the resources nor the inclination to become involved in religious squabbles.

Was Elizabeth too cautious/did she try to avoid war?

Feared that Spain would completely rule England, were they to lose the war to them

She was cautious as she…

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English Pirates- Elizabeth refused to stop English pirates stealing from Spain: perhaps due to not
wanting to look weak by backing down. But this made Spain MAD

Spain encouraged the Northern Earls to revolt! Did not make Elizabeth happy.

The Ridolfi plot ­ Ridolfi plotted a catholic uprising and Spain…

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Cessation of trade with Spain coupled with high taxes caused real economic problems and
resentment. RB Outhwaite claims later Elizabethan inflation down to war with Spain and rebellion
in Ireland, which increased demand for goods thus forcing up prices, leading to widespread

But may have had a long term…

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Henry was most focused on, arguably, person prestigue, aiming to use foreign policy as a means to
achieve the title of "Warrior King" and the "New Napoleon"

Arguebly Henry;s FP was greatly driven by aggression towards other countries, even trying to
restart the 100 Years war

In Edwards reign, Seymour…


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