notes on ENTRE A2 History, England 1547-1603 (I mean everything)

I did one of these for the English exam in January and this is my revision for the June 12th exam; it's thousands of words of notes on pretty much every area; took me days and days and I hope it's useful for this year and next year, and every year until they change the spec again! :)

I used the official textbook, and have included interpretations and all that nonsense; so I hope you find it as helpful as I found it to write!

Good luck everybody! 

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AQA History; The Triumph Of
Elizabeth: Britan, 1547 - 1603
Complete and detailed notes
Edward VI ­ 1547-1553

Edward was only 9 when he inherited the throne. The religious situation meant that Henry left a
regency council, made up of both conservatives such as Paget and radicals such as Seymour.…

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vestments could still be maintained, it was designed to keep both the Protestants and the
Catholics happy, but resulted in neither of these things.
This year was as Guy said; `The closest thing Tudor England came to a class war'; it saw major
discontent ubiquitously in England, and two…

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When he did gain power, he delegated responsibility to people that had superior knowledge to
him, he outwitted Somerset, who tried to plan a counter-coup.
Foreign Policy and Economics
Northumberland brought an end to the wars against Scotland and France, returning Boulogne
which brought a ransom of £133, 333. He…

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The Devise
The devise was a change to Edwards will, he had previously stated that should he die childless, his
throne should go to Lady Jane Grey's heirs male ­ to her sons. But by March he was dying, and Jane
Grey had no sons to speak of, so he…

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Social and economic grievances ­ the cloth trade had declined which almost certainly
prompted poorer rebels
Gentry who had lost offices within the county also seemed to be attracted to the rebellion

Lady Jane Grey was executed, despite Mary promising her safety and
her complete innocence in the…

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the remaining Protestants. The fact that the Council began worrying about just this is shown in their
attempts to control who actually went to the burnings; servants, the young and apprentices were
banned. The policy ultimately failed to stop heresy; this may be due to a lack of time rather…

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implemented by Elizabeth. Therefore, Elizabeth has been given the credit for the reforms and
changes, when it was Mary that planned or in some cases even implemented them in the first place!

Naval and Militia Reforms
During Mary's reign there was a complete reform of the financial and administrative areas…

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become suitable for everyone; 'I do not wish to make windows into the souls of men'. This led to her
comprised religious settlement of 1559. She appointed Matthew Parker, the Boleyn Chamberlain as
Archbishop of Canterbury, he was a Queens man, and she trusted him with matters.
Upon Mary's death,…

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lacked any real leadership; in fact, if any of the houses caused a problem, it would be the House of
Lords, which was made up of a large proportion of Catholic Lords and Bishops; they often refused
bills, sometimes by as few and two votes. Elizabeth had to remove people…

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The presence chamber was relatively easy access; those with considerable status or power could
expect to be granted access, but the Privy Chamber was the more exclusive of the two, although its
power was considerably less than in the reign of the Tudor Kings, because the Gentlemen of the




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