Edexcel : A2 Unit 3 -Protest, Crisis and Rebellion in England 1536-88 (Elizabeth I)

This is for my History A2 Exam - I did the Tudors

(Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary Tudor, Elizabeth I) 

This powerpoint contains notes on Elizabeth - in particular :

The system of government and any changes that were made, factional rivalry and the religious climate during her reign and any changes she made. 

This was all done by me, feedback and comments would be appreciated!


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Elizabeth I…read more

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The Elizabethan Government 1558
­ 1603 :
· Politics and government ­
· There was no crisis in politics and government when
Elizabeth came to the throne.
· Her first notable success was her composition of the
Privy Council (that being the centre of government)
· She didn't want large council (like Mary) because it
proved hard to handle and led to faction fights.
· She wanted to limit the number of councillors and she
proceeded to choose her closest advisors wisely.
· She kept some of Mary's advisors.
· Two most important councillors ­ Cecil and Robert
Dudley.…read more

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The Elizabethan Government 1558
­ 1603 :
· Parliament ­
· 44 years of Elizabeth's reign ­ parliament was
only called 13 times and no session lasted for
more than a few months.
· Any questioning or querying of the queen's
intentions (in the HoC) was to be done
cautiously, moderate and respectful.
· She made clear what came under her royal
prerogative ­ religion, foreign policy, marriage
and the succession.…read more

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The Elizabethan Government 1558
­ 1603 :
· Parliament ­
· Elizabeth always had to be persuaded to call
parliament ­ 12 out of the 13 times ­ persuaded
by the need to arrange the raising and collection
of taxes.
· While in session ­ MPs invited to talk about a
range of issues (religion/law-making) ­ debates
closely watched by Speaker.
· The Queen had the final say on all matters and
retained the power to veto legislation she didn't
like.…read more

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The Elizabethan Government 1558
­ 1603 :
· Parliament ­
· No evidence to show that Elizabeth purposely
tried to obstruct parliamentary business.
· However, there is evidence that would
suggest she found parliament inconvenient.…read more

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The Elizabethan Government 1558
­ 1603 :
· Parliament ­
· The Whig view :
· The believed that parliament were willing to
accept the queen's dominance and
· Elizabeth's reign saw the first steps by MPs to
break free from the Monarch's hold.
· However, the real struggle only started after
1603.…read more

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greatly lacking foreign policy information 

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