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Topic 3 Living Spaces
By Shruti Satish…read more

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I can describe what makes a good and
bad living space and give examples
Good Living Space Bad Living Space
·They have a lot of greenery ·Don't have a lot of greenery, mainly
·Close communities gray buildings
·Safe with low crime rates ·Communities aren't close
·Spaced out houses and living space ·Crime and pollution is high
·Not a lot of traffic ·Houses are cramped together
·Clean with not much pollution ·Roads aren't maintained well
·Well maintained tarmac roads ·Living space is cramped and lots of
·Emergency services are well funded and people live in small areas
they operate well ·Emergency services aren't put into place
·Education is good well
·There is ease of access to lots of services ·There isn't good education
and businesses ·It is isn't easy to access services and
·Low rates of unemployment businesses
·An example of good living conditions is ·High unemployment rates
in Bourneville in England ·An example is North Korea…read more

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I can explain different opinions people
hold about their preferred living space
Hindu OAP Young girl 25 year old male
· Good · Good · Lots of
emergency education businesses
services · Low crime · Leisure Centre
· Relaxing and rates · Places with lots
quiet · Lots of leisure of opportunities
· Care homes centres for
· Religious place · Lots of entertainment
of worship activities and · Affordable
· Community opportunities housing
with a good for
racial diversity entertainment…read more

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I can describe a vicious cycle and how it
has led to multiple deprivation and a
virtuous cycle and how it has led to
Gentrification is
when wealthier
The cycle of people acquire
poverty is the ·Employment properties in
set of factors or ·Crime Rates working class
events which ·Pollution Rates communities
once it has ·Wealth and Funding and then
started is likely increase the
to continue Are all influenced in average income
unless there is both cycles in the area and
outside then causes the
intervention. area to better.…read more

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I can explain the cycle of urbanisation
and why people choose to move
This cycle occurs because people
There is very slow migrate from rural to urban areas and
growth as most are there is a natural population increase
employed in agriculture and since urban areas have a better
access to services meaning a higher
There is an life expectancy.
increase in the
rate of
occurs Urbanisation is the process by which
urbanisation due
to the economy more and more people live in towns
and cities.
Sub urbanisation is the movement of
Cycle of people, offices, factories and shops
away from the centre into the suburbs.
urbanization Counter urbanisation
movement of people away from the
is the
occurs and then There is a rapid cities and towns to villages and small
the urban increase in towns in the countryside.
proportions urbanisation Reurbanisation is the movement of
stabilises or
decrease The rate slows as
people back into the central area of a
a majority of the city after it has had a period of decline
people live in and the catalyst for this is usually a
towns and cities redevelopment in the city centre.
employed in
industry and
services…read more

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I can explain why people look for `rural
idyll' (i.e. counter urbanisation)
People may look for rural
idyll because there is inner
city deprivation and over
crowding in urban areas.
They may want to live in
an area where the housing
is less dense, and there
are lower pollution and
crime levels so that they
can have a peaceful
retirement with an
improved quality of life.…read more

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