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Drugs in sport…read more

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Anabolic steroids
Steroids can be taken either orally or by
intra-muscular injection and are used in a
cyclical pattern with 6-12 weeks of heavy
use followed by periods of between 1 and
12 months, drug-free.
This is a performance hansing drug witch
will make your performance in sport a lot
better.…read more

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Rio Ferdinand
Rio Ferdinand has been banned for eight months
and fined £50,000 by the Football Association after
being found guilty of missing a drugs test.
An independent tribunal found the Manchester United defender guilty
of misconduct after he failed to take a test on 23 September.
The ban, which provisionally starts from 12 January, would see him
miss the rest of the season and Euro 2004.
United have already indicated they will appeal against the punishment.
The verdict from the three-man disciplinary commission was
unanimous despite evidence supporting Ferdinand from his manager
Sir Alex Ferguson and other figures within the game.
It came at the end of a two-day hearing at Bolton's Reebok Stadium,
which lasted over 18 hours in total, and was swiftly followed by
confirmation of United's intention to appeal.
Speaking for the club and with Ferdinand at his side, United director
Maurice Watkins said: "We are extremely disappointed by the result in
this case.…read more

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Marijuana better know as weed is a
stimulant and it has been know
to speed up reactions it will also
make you hungry so if you need
to gain wait you would smoke
weed.…read more

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Diuretics in boxing
Boxers will us diuretics to lose wait
so they can get into there
weight category but they may
also us steroids to gain weight
to go up a category .…read more


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